【PR TIMES】GenomeMiner、東南アジアのある病院とバイオバンキングのための覚書に署名

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Tupac Bio Japan株式会社

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GenomeMiner(Tupac Bio, Inc.、Tupac Bio Japan株式会社)は、東南アジアのある病院と、新薬開発、幹細胞バンキング、人口研究、病理研究を目的としたバイオバンキング活動の探求を目的とする覚書(MOU)に署名しました。



「東南アジアでの技術利用に関するさらなる話し合いを楽しみにしています。東南アジアは、日本でDX(デジタルトランスフォーメーション)と呼ばれるデジタル変革を含む、大きな技術的進歩を遂げる準備ができています。東南アジアの経済は急速に発展しており、私たちはそこでさまざまな機会を探求しています。」- Eli Lyons CEO

GenomeMiner (Tupac Bio, Inc., /Tupac Bio Japan K.K.) has signed an MOU to explore biobanking activities for study in drug discovery, stem cell banking, population study, and pathological research with a South East Asian Hospital.

With this, GenomeMiner hopes to enhance data collection and research into clinical targets of interest for pharmaceutical targeting to develop life-saving drugs

About GenomeMiner
Genome Miner designs and automates complex genomics analysis and data management. Their software solution operates in the cloud, reducing the expensive costs of purchasing high-spec computers and IT infrastructure in-house. GenomeMiner developed its software platform to process and manage the genomic data it was collecting from its internal R&D work developing biopesticides and therapeutics.

"We are looking forward to further discussions on how to leverage our technology in South East Asia. This region has the potential for technology leapfrogging and adopting what is called call DX (Digital Transformation) in Japan. The South East Asian economy is developing rapidly and we are exploring various opportunities there.” – Eli Lyons CEO