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My dream is Las Vegas!” FCH CEO Jason Higa stands in front of the first Zippy’s store in Honolulu, Hawaii on March 13 (provided)./ Mi sueño es Las Vegas”. El director general de FCH, Jason Higa, delante de la primera tienda de Zippy’s en Honolulu (Hawái) el 13 de marzo (facilitado).

  There is a family restaurant that has been a favorite in Hawaii for 56 years. That is Zippy's, which serves international cuisine with an Asian focus. Founded in 1966 by brothers Francis and Charles Higa, who have their roots in Okinawa, Japan. Over the years, Zippy's has grown into one of the largest businesses in Hawaii. Today, Francis' son, Jason Higa is the CEO of the parent company FCH Enterprises, Inc.

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  The Higa brothers were born in the 1930s. Their parents first worked at a large plantation. From their teenage years, the brothers supported their family by polishing shoes and helping their father in the butcher shop. In1966, they opened the first Zippy's restaurant in Honolulu, which was open for 24 hours a day. Mr. Jason Higa explains that in the beginning the young entrepreneurs had no leeway in their finances, but that they were supported by their suppliers and vendors, who extended payment deadlines until their restaurant became profitable.

Zippy’s founders Francis Higa (left) and Charles (courtesy)/Los fundadores de Zippy’s, Francis Higa (a la izquierda) y Charles (por cortesía)

  “The restaurant succeeded because of all the people who support us”, Jason says. He was taught by his father to cherish the local community and to do the right thing for the community even when that is financially unprofitable for the enterprise. For that reason, Zippy’s from its start, has been using local products and is also why they developed seasonal dish “shoyu-pork”, pork braised in soy sauce and so on for the annual Okinawan Festival that is organized every September around Labor Day, by the Hawaii Okinawa United Association (HUOA) in Honolulu.


 Zippy’s has become an important sponsor of HUOA, but when the restaurant had to temporarily close its doors due to the Coronavirus outbreak, the locals actively supported the business by using the take-out service.

 Zippy’s that originally started with 62 employees and had to close down two stores and lay off 800 employees because of the Corona pandemic, has developed into an enterprise that manages 22 stores and has 1,600 employees across Hawai’i.

 Mr. Jason Higa’s next aim is the expansion of the enterprise to Las Vegas, Nevada in the US. Jason says, “I want to preserve the legacy that I inherited from my father and uncle for the next generation”.

(Riko Higa)


Jason Higa: Born October 9, 1963, Hawaii, USA; attorney in Honolulu, Hawaii, 1990-95; CEO of FCH Enterprises, parent company of Zippy's, 2003-present.

”Soy Sauce Pork” is an arrangement of braised pork belly. It is served at Zippy’s before the Okinawan Festival./El “cerdo con salsa de soja” es un arreglo de panza de cerdo estofada. Se sirve en Zippy’s antes del Festival de Okinawa.


Zippy's, un popular restaurante familiar de Hawai, fundado por hermanos de ascendencia okinawense, se amplía a 22 locales; su sueño es Las Vegas

     Hay un restaurante familiar que lleva 56 años siendo un favorito de los locales de Hawai, un destino popular para los japoneses. Se trata de Zippy's, que sirve cocina internacional con un enfoque asiático.

     Fundado en 1966 por los hermanos okinawense de segunda generación Francis y Charles Higa, Zippy's ha crecido hasta convertirse en uno de los mayores negocios de Hawai. Hoy, el hijo de Francis, Jason Higa, de 59 años, es el director general de la empresa matriz, FCH.

     Lo que empezó como una tienda para 62 personas se ha convertido en un negocio con 22 tiendas y 1.600 empleados en el estado de Hawai, aunque ha perdido dos tiendas y 800 empleados debido al desastre de Corona.

     Jason dice que quiere dejar el legado que heredó de su padre y de su tío para el futuro, y tiene como objetivo expandirse a Las Vegas para seguir ampliando el negocio.

 (Riko Higa)

Jason Higa: nacido el 9 de octubre de 1963 en Hawai, Estados Unidos.; abogado en Honolulu, Hawai, de 1990 a 1995; director general de FCH Enterprises, empresa matriz de Zippy's, de 2003 a la actualidad.

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