【En/Es】Uchinanchu from overseas gather on Kokusai Street. 3,000 people participated in the eve parade < Worldwide Uchinanchu Worldwide Festival>

【En/Es】Governor Ige of Hawaii arrives in Okinawa for the7th Worldwide Uchinanchu Festival.

琉球キングスのコー・フリッピン選手「ウチナーンチュであることが僕の誇り」 母の故郷・沖縄でバスケ通し子どもたちに伝えたいこと 世界のウチナーンチュ大会前に本紙にメッセージ

2022/10/29 #uchinanchu

【En/Es】First group of Uchinanchu from Hawaii arrives in Okinawa, before the opening of the Festival on the 31st.

[En/Es/日] The Essence of Karate Demonstrated by Masters for Karate Day

【En/Es】Evolving Sincanucha: Alberto Shiroma, 3rd generation of Uchinanchu in Peru < Worldwide Uchinanchu Festival>